Tailored to Your Needs

High Availability
of Servers

Having continuous Internet access is crucial for small businesses and SOHOs (Small Office/Home Office) as well as large companies and service providers, and hours or days without an Internet connection can drastically affect productivity and/or revenue.

As strain increases on a website or business application, eventually, a single server cannot support the full workload. To meet demand, organizations spread the workload over multiple servers.


Improve The Availability and
Optimization of Traffic & Applications

Without the ability to communicate with current and potential customers (e.g. through email), the lack of a working broadband connection could jeopardies the entire future of a business.

Therefore, where Internet connectivity is an important requirement, the benefit of resilience from load balancing is very high.

Use Cases

Facilitate Scalability
of Network & Servers


Radius, high availability
& scalable authentication services


Load balancing and
high availability
of your servers and data center


Load balancing, availability
& automated disaster recovery

Smart Metering

High availability of smart
metering services (lot)

Finding The Solution That Best Fits Your Needs

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